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Few if any women are subjected to so-called honor killing in the west. In the Islamic world, honor killing is approved of and applauded. That is what too often happens to young girls who want to choose their own husbands. A woman who converts from Islam to a new religion often meets the same fate. In Afghanistan, young adult women who have tried to escape their families and those who assisted them have been murdered under this brutal code.
Honor killing has even been brought to the U.S. by Islamic families who choose underage males to carry out the death sentence. They know that very young men are not often given long sentences under our laws, so they make this terrible crime a "duty" of the young man selected.
I have no objection to peaceful Muslims who live by modern standards of justice and rights. Some of the best people I know are such Muslims. On the other hand, I cannot countenance or excuse the extremist and fanatical code which is embedded in the culture of too many countries. The recent storming of the American Consulate in Benghazi and the killing of the Americans there is a good example of how people who are part of that culture feel justified in taking out their rage about "insults" on innocent bystanders. The riots which took place in Scandinavia several years ago over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed is yet another example. Where are the riots of outrage over the many Muslims being murdered in Syria by their own Muslim dictator? No, the riots and murder are about one movie which presents ideas which the fanatics don't like.

azza radwan sedky

In Egypt a women who converts to Islam from christianity is denounced by her family in the same fashion as a woman who converts to christianity is. It's "culturally" unacceptable.

Please read "Shame." http://azzasedky.typepad.com/.services/blog/6a0147e36a60a7970b014e600fc380970c/search?filter.q=Shame Should help you understand my outlook on the film on Prophet Mohammed

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