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Nancy Motran

You are being very kind to foreign journalists. They are lacking professionalism in their reporting. They are supposed to present unbiased facts to their readers. Unfortunately , they are reporting in accordance with their corporate and nations guidelines regardless of the facts they observe. Sad but true. The question is why ? and who is orchestrating this deception? Who's interests are being served ?
Could it be a very well oiled PR machine of an organized group ? ?

H. Alashoory

An accurate and piercing piece by Azza Sedky. I really find it difficult to understand why most western media, especially the NYT, is playing this dirty game! I've been weighing it in my mind but can't find an excuse for such dissemination of misinformation. It certainly is not ignorance; rather it is an overt dirty agenda. I don't recall a time when the media has been so degenerate in dismissing objectivity so easily. Anyway, the article does an excellent job in pointing out the flaws and exagerations these journalists are doing, not only in Egypt but all over the ME.

I particularly like to point out your statement: "What western media doesn’t see is that El Sissi has done exactly what Egyptians wanted him to do: save Egypt from Morsi’s tyranny, and, hence, the esteem and respect. Is it a mania? Maybe, but it’s up to Egyptians, not the western world, to decide what they want and care for. And yet, if El Sissi errs, they will curse him the same way they cursed Morsi and Mubarak before him." Yes, it is for the Egyptian people to decide for themselves what they want. Those who truly care about Egypt and its inhabitants should contribute positively or keep to themselves, maybe play a video game or read a nasty book.

Mohamed Morsi

Curse you Aron Rozz!


Time to call a spade a spade when it comes to the type of foreign reporter on Egypt described above - it pays them to do what they are doing one way or another....and, they can't very well change their story at this stage can they? They have been telling downright lies for too long for that. BUT Karma is a bitch so "watch their spaces" for the next few years as they get exposed, discredited and personally experience the disaster they are trying to engineer for Egypt.

Leila Peterson

The biased reporting of the Western media can be clearly understood by the realization that MOST of them are bought and paid for by those who support the Muslim Brotherhood. CNN, for example, is paid by the Obama administration for allowing manipulation of their news content, so please don't think that the biased reporting they do is regarded by anyone as truth.

Obama is a puppet of the MB and he has assumed power through massive voter fraud and held power by abusing our country's rule of law, but he has shown--again and again--that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood. He eagerly declared the Egyptian Revolution a "coup," thereby hoping to "step in to restore order." He pushed so hard for a Syrian war that he threatened to start it on his own--until he was threatened in turn by instant impeachment if he did.

The ridiculous assertion that a "democratically-elected" official of ANY kind cannot be ousted was the only "reason" they could think of to excuse their belligerent attempts to force Morsi back into power. This is absurd. Morsi said himself, in effect, if he didn't represent ALL Egyptians, they could kick him out...he didn't and they did.

ALL patriotic Egyptians suffered during the Revolution and are still in the process of cleaning up the MB mess. Because General El Sisi led the forces that gave Egyptians their country back, he's their hero. But, please be assured that he's the hero of ALL freedom-loving people all over the globe who are sure to be faced with the same struggles in the not-too-distant future.

To the Egyptian people and General El Sisi, you are our heroes. We salute you!


It is the arrogance of the West to be in judge of what the Egyptian people find the best for their country. Egypt is for the Egyptian people... and what happened is not bad at all. There is no democracy in the West anymore because we are accepting all the media is writing. In the West we are 'the slaves' of the elite. And that is out task to overcome. The central government of Europe is a dictatorship. So... journalist in the West are not even investigating what really has been going on in Egypte. My advice.. leave the West to their own struggle and make with all the people of Egypt the best of Egypt as you can. That will be a pretty difficult task for Egypt anyhow.


There's nothing such as un-biased media. we should know that by now, the question is how are we gonna deal with this?
Banning or censoring foreign media will only make it worse, so the best solution is to learn and use the media-war techniques.

Azza Sedky

I agree; there is nothing called unbiased media. Still, I'm not sure why western media side one way or another. It is a dilemma for sure.
Did you see "Credible reporting this is not"? http://azzasedky.typepad.com/egypt/2014/01/time-credible-reporting-this-is-not.html
Why would anyone be so single minded and focused on distorting the truth?

fatma mashhour

Thank you Azza for a valuable article.
Yes! We endorse President Abdel Fattah El Sissi as our President. EACH and every single day.
We impeached President Morsi. Yes. Just like President Nixon was impeached. Our Impeachment was on much stronger grounds. And it was Impeachment by the people.
God Bless Sissi, and God bless Egypt.

azza radwan sedky

Thank you, Fatma. I just hope that last year's scene at universities isn't repeated again.

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