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caroline smith

Finally clarity cutting through the fog of Western Political theory, self congratulating Bloggers sitting in positions from afar pushing their bookish ideology or donning a thin veil of respectability bestowed on them from recognized institutions, whilst being paid to disseminate propaganda on behalf of the MB.

The twittershpere neglects to mention one important element in Egypt's transition, and that is the will of the overwhelming majority of Egpytian people.
Lable's used by these individuals however give the game away and reveal their brief..
anti-coup = anti morsy anti muslim brotherhood
military rule/junta = ignores the fact that there is a caretaker government in place and moves are being made to conduct elections this year
peaceful Muslim Brotherhood protests _clearly an oxymoron and followers will state this in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary
Creating the false impression that the Military is oppressing all Egyptians... funny as I walk through the streets of Cairo there is nothing but admiration n for the Military and Sisi

Then there are comments about using children to promote Sisi, get a grip look around the world all political leaders do this. Just Google "politicians kissing babies".

The carping from the chosen few commentators who are not kicked off twitter is becoming mindbogglingly predictable.

azza radwan sedky

Appreciate your anger, but you misunderstood me. What I clearly said in the article is that the MB CANNOT enjoy a resurrection.
Besides, I'm in Cairo as I always am from early December to early April. I'm not posting from far away, and even if I am far away, I'm living and breathing the Egyptian scene.
I do agree with you that Egyptians are all for Sissi and the army. Maybe you should view "El Sissi: to run or not to run" http://azzasedky.typepad.com/egypt/2014/01/el-sissito-run-or-not-to-run.html

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