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Reda Sobky

That ship has sailed, the WSJ is in la la land on this, even US institutions that Obama caused to embrace the MB are now moving away from their arms...no more White House invites and of course the verbiage has changed. The tide is turning and turning into a tidal wave and it will sweep the MB into the far reaches of irrelevance and they will all have to live in Qatar on top of each other and no more London opulence. One day the heat will get too severe and Qatar will dump them and that is when the tyre hits the road, where to go from Qatar because history shows the Qatari decaying leadership has no loyalty, no policy and if it sees its interest in dumping the MB, they will do it, ruthlessly. Let the music play and let us watch how it unfolds but the gig is up and the day of reckoning is fast approaching. This article is just a rear guard action to please the Qatari ego but the WSJ knows all we know and they will also dump the MB cronies when it becomes in its interest to do so, just waiting for the right moment to do it when the trough empties out.

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