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Hani H

Factcheck: F16's have been incredibly effective against ISIS attacks in Sinai, such as the infamous one on Sheikh Zuweid.

Oh and the miserable, risible $143 million in US aid.. with everyone here behaving as though it's a massive lever. It's $0.10 per month per person in Egypt. This is a budget fit for a small country like Guatemala or Honduras, not a 100m country like Egypt. No wonder Egypt is turning to the Gulf, Russia, China and other powers who understand the realities and are not caught up in a navel-gazing web of hypocritical logic.

Wake up - the loss of the strong alliance with Egypt is one of the reasons the Middle East is a total mess right now. Continue to follow this illogical policy, and go ahead and try to get Israel, the US's most massive aid recipient, to help you there.. Israel's almost useless of course, but will anyone say anything?

No, far easier to continue to be dishonest cowards who pick on soft targets while throwing the US's national interest -- and the interests of major Middle Eastern states who haven't yet collapsed are fallen to extremism --- under the bus.

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