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Reda Zaher Sobky

Although I respect your perspective, the article has a disappointing tone in that it relies on what appear as statements of fact which to me appear as conclusions without sources. The deaths you mention as 1400 include people engaged in mass murder and deep destruction and many were criminals and outlaws recruited specifically to carry out crimes against government officials and peaceful citizens. I was in Egypt during the Kerdasa events and felt the government was restrained in its actions considering what these people had done. My recommendation was to evacuate the town completely and disperse the residents to other locations and semi permanently cancel the town from government records, that is how extreme the organized criminality presented itself in a town deeply corrupted by the fascists of the brotherhood. In the USA and many other places, much more severe sanctions would have taken place as in the "Move" event in Pennsylvania and the Branch Davidian in Waco. No government can tolerate behaviors such as those exhibited in Kerdasa and survive especially when the attack is on government employees, coordinated, armed and virulent with decapitation of citizens in the street. I apologize if I sound strident but the narrative seems unbalanced and unclear. Did these people not do what they were charged with? or are we to tolerate private armies attacking the state and killing people like the Shaheed Farag whose blood was spilled in front of our eyes. Another country would have bombed the town from the air as the US did in Pennsylvania.

' in Pennsylvania even

azza Sedky

This is not my article; I simply reposted it with the intention of responding but have yet to do that.

Reda Zaher Sobky

Thank you for putting it forth, I regret my misunderstanding, and yes, in the future I will pay more attention to source, I just wasn't aware that you use the same format in both cases, best wishes,

azza Sedky

No worries. And thank you for your interest.

When I am reposting I start off with the publication and the writer, even when I am reposting my own, I would still write "Ahram Online, by Azza Radwan Sedky." If it is an article that hasn't been published anywhere except on my blog, I'd have no name and no publication to precede the piece.


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