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Reda Sobky

The nexus between the Brotherhood and this organization is still mysterious. The extreme level of distortion and misrepresentation that this kind of statement, by a supposedly neutral organization, demonstrates and exhibits for all to see why this organization is disqualified as any kind of arbiter of the reality of the situation. They know, as we know and as everybody knows who wants to know, the truth about the Brotherhood, yet, they persist in this extreme and false line over and over and over again. It has to be a directed activity, a rigid position dictated by some groups affiliated with the Brotherhood. My personal suspicion is that the operation is Qatari directed and funded as they take pride in influencing public opinion through money and this one is a trophy as a one two blow with the stuff the Qatar spokes persons have been mouthing recently echoing this line. The chain of logic does not support their argument at all, rather it looks like a recitation of a series of slogans, strung together very thinly and tenuously, yet asserted with authority as though obvious. It hearkens to old style propaganda with mis naming and mischaracterizing, not so sophisticated, rather like blurting something and then hiding in the bushes from examination or refutation-a kind of tirade/rant not a well reasoned piece at all showing it was probably written by a propagandist rather than a specialist, a PR document written for somebody with a heavy hand and a deep pocket likely, how the game is played now.

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