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Account Deleted

"The other reason I launched this page is because society still considers women as sex objects".Agree with this! I think we must to encourage the end of the stereotypes and the respect of people, women and men, for what they are : a whole human being without labels.

But, Don't you think expose nudity on line is also a way to give an imagen of women as object? No matter the reason behind, I don't think people visiting the blog were there for Humans Rights or Equity at all.

I am feminist muslim very progressist but from my western sight, a dressed or naked woman make any difference at all about to finish with stereotypes and gender roles. What is needed is a change in the mentality.

This initiative of the photo is interesting for muslim in my community cause push them to think about the assumptions people manage about images in islam. I would like to use this material for a workshop about gender-roles-hiyab.

azza sedky

Here is the link to the original article if you want to use the info in a workshop. http://observers.france24.com/content/20111114-egypt-egyptian-women-group-calls-men-try-veil-islamist-cairo-facebook-harassment-pressure
I think, if nothing else, this article/site/discussion created an essential discourse amongst logical and rational muslims.

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