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Nancy Motran

Thanks a million for another great effort

azza radwan sedky

Thank you. Must admit was difficult translating. Wanted to maintain the integrity of the piece but wanted to cut it short and avoid anecdotes.
Anyway, it did create quite a stir, which was the aim from writing it.

Mona El-Masry.

Thank you Azza! That was a great report and for those of us who do not read Arabic, it helps to have someone gather all the information and translate it into a concise article.

azza radwan sedky

Thank you. Share, please. I wanted the info to reach the western world. This is very critical if we want the true picture to go beyond Egypt. You see, for me, this construes treason, nothing less.
And I'm sure that all what has been said will be repeated in Morsi's trial starting November 4th.
Again, thank you, and do share!

fatma mashhour

Thank you Azza for your efforts in propagating the real truth about this abhorrent regime.
We only hope that they are dealt the verdicts they deserve in their upcoming trials.

azza radwan sedky

Thank you, Fatma, for being a keen follower and a true friend.

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