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I wanted to be away from work to give you the best feed back on your article. Your writing is thorough leading the reader to the exact picture to feel the pain of others who will die. Iraq is America's failure along with Afghanistan doomed for the terrorists to engulf and destroy to their Caliphate.
I must share with you coming from anonymous source that Daash were all recruited funded by US, EU and Israel to build a world terrorist community. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadim, a recruit took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad. Apparently, they are the mass murdering hands of those to change and breakdown borders using horrific acts of horror which we have seen. It is plausible to think Qatar was a part of it but not mentioned in the reports. These terrorist are taking down one by one country in the ME while Obama bombs only when they are getting too close to the base or other interests of US. Certainly, no humanity is involved and we have seen this in the genocide of Gaza. Now, we it in Iraq the innocent burned murdered buried alive children women and men in mass graves. When I think of the final question it keeps haunting me the plan for 5 countries in 7 years but to answer the question we are seeing the final results in Iraq, Gaza and Syria. There is no hope for the weakened minorities as the strongest of terrorists ISIS are more violent in achieving the goal for a corrupt foreign policy.

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