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Mona El-Masry

I totally agree! I do not find Western media worth listening to or watching. Thank you Azza for filling us in on what really matters


Well stated truth Western media would not bring to light great achievements because the Brotherhood is angry Sisi is in power! Basically the US is run by the Brotherhood guiding the media and Obama the puppet!!
Long Live Egypt!


Excellent. Egyptians cough up LE 60 billion to: 1) Earn 12% 'haram' interest and 2) Displace 3,000 of their own brothers.

And hey, have you checked yourself for the Dunning-Kruger Syndrome?

Amr Fahmy

Couldn't have been better said,
Excellent Azza as usual
Your mention of the Wal Steer journal,is in particular telling, since this paper is supposed to relate in my knowledge,business news
But we know who is their correspondent here,this Matt boy ,,, but even though he couldn't neglect such a story without his editorial directives

Again thank you

Alia Minaissy

Definitely they will try to ignore or fine line the conference. The only solace to us are the diverse nationalities attending and the CNN John Defterius session. Maybe these will get us some coverage. Just hope it is not biased.


So well said as usual.. Indeed, western media is so corrupt and anti-Egypt it is disgusting. No honesty, no integrity, no honor... I guess Qatar money is a big influence with those so called journalists.. They rejoice at any problem in Egypt and totally ignore any achievement...

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