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Your article proves a point with journalists looking for the guts of a situation to expose it in a flamboyant approach for attention. Yet when the expected outcome doesn't meet expectation the journalist rarely makes a statement leaving many foreign readers without knowledge the event happened or not. A respectable journalist should consider these points and take accountability for an event that didn't occur. Good news articles do get written but in less quantity than the alarming articles in our world of terrorism and the responsible country backing them.
The first part of your article is an example of America's Dinesh D'Souza informative book exposing the US with it's deception while ultimately destroying the country through the puppetry presidents carrying out the plan. There was a responsible person who was a famous Chicago organizer from the 30's deceased in 1972. He was the master of organization and reorganization how to present oneself looking square talking square acting square while mass evil deception prevailed to destroy the country and in this case the ME. His name was Saul Alinisky, another puppet to carry out a plan. This example is much like what you are talking about in the first few paragraphs of this article deception is a game by the keeper.
Thank you, a great article.

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