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Scota Meritaten

As always, your analysis and conclusions are spot on. I have been horrified by the reports written by the Human Rights Watch Director in Egypt at the time of our 30 June revolution and notice that this organization continues in the same vein to this day. Their reports make sense ONLY if we change the name of this organization from HRW to Terrorists Rights Watch or TRW - as it ALWAYS gives the viewpoint of the terrorists and not the normal Egyptians who wish to live in peace and who are targeted indiscriminately for the past four years. There was a time when I thought that this organization was truly about human rights, but it is very clear that it is a tool in the hands of whoever uses human rights as an excuse to damn a country or regime, or worse, eventually physically attack it using this HRw (or better TRW) as a trojan horse. I wish all honest and upstanding individuals in the world would see through the machinations of the puppteers behind that organization.

J B Silver

I agree with everything written, except that 'Human Rights Watch' (sic) is even MORE anti- Israel than it is anti-Egyptian (since the evil Morsi was brought down and the wonderful Pres. al-Sisi took power; the HRW loved Morsi.).

You are really, 'Um al-Dunya'.
G-D Bless you.
JB Silver

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