Museum lovers have had to postpone visits to see the great art of the world until the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

One of the most anticipated global art events in 2020 was the planned opening of Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).

While the museum’s opening has now been postponed to early 2021, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is showing virtual tours on Instagram of the treasures of Egypt. One can tour archaeological sites like the Tomb of Mehu in Saqqara and the Pyramid of Djoser as well as numerous museum exhibitions.

When the museum complex itself opens, says Professor Tawfik, the sheer size of it, 490,000 square feet, will lend itself to the creative use of social distancing.  “Obviously, hygiene is a big issue,” Tawfik explains, “but with such space, we will have good visitor flow and choices like the ability to download commentary with QR codes directly to your personal device instead of using museum equipment.”

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